Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete was raised by strong and funny Peruvian womxn. When Rosa and her sister were just five and three, her mother took them on the long journey north to reunite with their father in Los Angeles. Along with them, a close friend who also wanted to start anew. This experience nourishes Rosa's creative works, and gives her a knack for finding the humor in even the strangest of genres. Imagine two young Peruvian womxn traveling Latin-America with two little girls in the 80's. Yeah, it was intense.
It wasn't until in high school where she realized her visual learning skills could be extensively used in technology and storytelling. To quench her newfound passions, she participated in activities like the BOEING Job Shadowing Program and found a home in the Film & Media Department. Her film teacher, Ms. Seubert, pushed her to apply to Inner-City Filmmakers (a non-profit film school), and that's when Rosa was introduced to the entertainment industry.  Rosa worked as a set assistant for music videos, films, and experimental projects. She landed jobs at Univision Network, Disney, and DreamWorks Studios with ColorForce, Inc. After being a part time student and full time worker - she successfully transferred to UC Berkeley in her mid twenties. Berkeley felt like an entirely new planet. As a first generation student, Rosa took advantage of all she could get her hands on. She lived in the Native American Theme Program in her first semester at Cal. She nerded out as a Story Facilitator with the Peter Chernin Writing Program. She became a student Marketing consultant for Cal Performances, and a Research Assistant for the Chair of the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies Department at UC Berkeley, Professor Lisa Wymore. Her two summers at Cal were spent studying abroad. The first year was in Ireland, where she studied theater and Irish Theater History at Trinity College in Dublin, under the guidance of Charlotte McIvor and Lura Dolas. Her second year abroad she spent in Paris, France studying French, and visiting dead writers like Peruvian poet, Cesar Vallejo. She spent an afternoon by his graveside telling him about Perú in the 90's and her writing adventures. Rosa loves to travel.
2020 has brought many surprises. Rosa has been spending time developing three original TV series inspired by her life experiences. She writes about strong womxn who challenge the norm, children with super powers, and thoroughly enjoys collaborating on projects that empower BIPOC communities as she understands the importance of representation in the media. * As a new mom, Rosa is on a personal journey to investigate her unknown indigenous connection to Perú and the land, in order to assist with her son's future inquiries and self discovery. Rosa hopes to empower all the chubby brown girls who come across her work. She's a Writer, Actor, Director who strongly believes that Arts should be accessible to all, as it contains the power to validate your life experiences and courageous spirit. Thank you for visiting her site today.

Art of Leadership: From Individual to Collective Impact with LA County for Arts

Los Angeles - 2020

Emergent Content Creator with NALIP

Los Angeles - 2018 & 2019

Certificate of Recognition from The City of Los Angeles for TNH Productions' bilingual performance Aladdin: Dual Language Edition

Los Angeles - 2017

LGBTQ+ Hero w/ Q Youth Foundation

Los Angeles - 2016

1st Place: "Change in Motion"

Multimedia Contest with

The American Immigration Council
Washington, DC - 2013

Casa 0101 Theater, Board Member


Los Angeles, CA  

Angela's Pulse, Core Artist


New York, NY

Matriarchy Short Film, Co-Director


Los Angeles, CA

Inner City Filmmakers, Graduate


Los Angeles, CA  

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