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An Evening with Q Youth Foundation at ICALA

Jean Decay in Blue Suitcase | Photo Credit: Amy Zapata
I am making time to celebrate joy in these difficult times. Earlier this year I was part of a remounting of theater works workshopped by the community of Q Youth Foundation
I've been a fan of Q Youth Foundation since attending one of their readings at Holy Grounds CafĂ© in 2015. Ana Bernal, the founder of Q Youth Foundation introduced their community, and I sat through some of the most incredible short stories I had heard in forever. 
I remember feeling a buzz in the air; that feeling creative people get when they attend a show or a reading and get inspired to write at the same time.
Flash-forward: December 2019. Ana Bernal asks folks to get involved with the January 2020 performance at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICALA). I sign up. Then I thought, oh but I haven't acted in almost two years. What is this going to be like? Between being pregnant and working with youth, I spent most of my evenings directing …

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