"From a young age, I knew that 
storytelling had the power to protect 
my family" - Rosa Navarrete  

Los Angeles,1991

Thank you, next...

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THE TRAIN, Writer & Director

Screening at @LASKINSFEST on 11/20 @ 9am Youth Film Program

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Las Azurduy, Director

Featured at Brava Theater in San Francisco 11/20 @ 7PM

Puta, Director


Ellay, Co-Creator

Upcoming Events

  • Community

    • Watch THE TRAIN produced at Casa 0101 Theater at @LASKINSFEST on 11/20 @ 9am (Youth Film Program). RSVP here.

    • Las Azurduy written by Florencia Aroldi experimental reading at the Brava Theatre in SF 11/20 @ 7pm. RSVP here.  

    • Matriarchy Films PUTA is entering the film festival circuit. Follow us IG/Twitter @matriarchyfilms to stay connected. Pa' Lante! (2021-2022)

    • Ellay Series is entering the film festival circuit. Follow us IG/Twitter @ellayseries to stay connected. Wish us luck! (2021-2022) 

  • Writing

    • Workshopping three original scripts NINA (a one-hour original Sci-Fi TV script) and BROWN GIRLS (a 30-minute odd couple + college buddy show two Latina protagonists), and OCCUPIED (ancestor weird stuff). 

  • Acting

    • Rio Grande Anthology by Josie Nerrico​. Directed by Roberta Martinez is now available on YouTube in a series of Episodes. I will be featured in Episode 4. Watch here!

  • Directing​​

A few of my favorite things:

The Art of Being Brown 

Written & Directed by Rosa Navarrete & Sami Cubias
DP: Lucía Sanchez/Lux Nueve

Actors: Sami Cubias, Rosa Navarrete, and Alex Bonte

Featured at the Immigration Symposium for UC Berkeley's Undocunation movement (2013)

Matriarchy Short Film

Written: Patricia Zamorano

Directed by Rosa Navarrete & Patricia Zamorano
DP: Rosa Navarrete

Actors: Lauren Ballesteros, Sujey Gonzalez, Maia "Vik" Villa, Jasmin Iraheta, Maria G. Gonzalez, Miguel Roura, Dante Dylan Gonzalez, Scarlett Kiley Renee Muguia

Mural artwork: Nani Chacon IG: @nanibahchacon

Featured at The Schwules Museum in Berlin, Germany curated by Vera Hofmann (2018), Avenue 50 Art Gallery curated by Karineh Mahdessian (2019), Mujeres Con Faldas de Serpientes y Talones de Aguila curated by Dr. Martina Ayala (2020), CINEARTE Film Festival curated by Karla Legaspy (2018), and more. 

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