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 "From a young age, I knew that storytelling  
had the power to protect my family & get me  
free push-pops from the local liquor store.
- Rosa Navarrete   

Los Angeles, 90's

Latest News

1st Place Winner of 2022 CBS Leadership Pipeline



Sippin' , Director
Winner, Spirit of the Festival Award,
LIFE Film Festival (2023)

The Train (series), Writer & Director
LA SKINS Festival (2021)
LIFE Film Festival (2022)

Upcoming Events

  • Directing​​​

    • Confessions to the Moon written by Lauren Ballesteros is now in post-production!

    • Comedy and action feature script featuring a female lead in development. 

  • Community​​ 

    • Invertigo Dance Theatre presents "SOL". Free, fun and family friendly! 6/24 @ 1PM (RSVP HERE)

    • Artists En Acción is back and LIVE once more with SF Valley Children Refugee Center. 9/15. More soon!

Watch Now

The Art of Being Brown 

Written & Directed by Rosa Navarrete & Sami Cubias
DP: Lucía Sanchez/Lux Nueve

Actors: Sami Cubias, Rosa Navarrete, and Alex Bonte

Featured at the Immigration Symposium for UC Berkeley's Undocunation movement (2013)

Matriarchy Short Film

Written: Patricia Zamorano

Directed by Rosa Navarrete & Patricia Zamorano
DP: Rosa Navarrete

Actors: Lauren Ballesteros, Sujey Gonzalez, Maia "Vik" Villa, Jasmin Iraheta, Maria G. Gonzalez, Miguel Roura, Dante Dylan Gonzalez, Scarlett Kiley Renee Muguia

Mural artwork: Nani Chacon IG: @nanibahchacon

Featured at The Schwules Museum in Berlin, Germany curated by Vera Hofmann (2018), Avenue 50 Art Gallery curated by Karineh Mahdessian (2019), Mujeres Con Faldas de Serpientes y Talones de Aguila curated by Dr. Martina Ayala (2020), CINEARTE Film Festival curated by Karla Legaspy (2018), and more. 

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los colores de
rojo y negro

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